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Complex glycosylase

The product description:Saccharifying enzymeComplex glycosylaseCas:9032-08-0EINECS: 232-877-2Alias glycosylase; Glucose amylaseChemical name :α-1, 4-glucose hydrolaseDefinition of enzyme activity: 1 enzyme activity unit can...

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Saccharifying enzyme

Complex glycosylase


EINECS: 232-877-2

Alias glycosylase; Glucose amylase

Chemical name :α-1, 4-glucose hydrolase

Definition of enzyme activity: 1 enzyme activity unit can decompose soluble starch to produce 1mg glucose in 1 hour with 1 gram of enzyme powder or 1ml enzyme solution at PH4.6 at 40℃.

Appearance: nearly white to light brown amorphous powder, or light brown to dark brown liquid, can be dispersed in food grade thinners or carriers, also can contain stabilizers and preservatives. Glucose can be hydrolyzed by α-1, 4- and α-1, 6- glycogen bonds of polysaccharides (starch, glycogen, etc.).

Enzyme activity U/mL ≥100000

Bulk density g/ mL ≤ 1.25

PH 3.5 4.5

Glucosidase U /mL ≤1500

Absorption value 680nm ≤ 0.2

Storage storage temperature 2-8°C

Used for the determination of glycogen in yeast cells; Isooligosaccharides are synthesized by saccharifying enzymes. Gluco-amylase is a biocatalyst prepared by fermentation of aspergillus Niger mutant strain. Glycosylase can split the a-1.4 and A-1.6 glycosidic bonds of starch molecules and convert starch to glucose at room temperature. Saccharification enzyme is used for fermentation of various organic acids, amino acids and vitamins with glucose as fermentation medium; The product is also widely used in the production of various specifications of glucose. In short, where starch, dextrin necessary enzymatic hydrolysis of the industry, can be applied.

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