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The product description:To methyl benzaldehyde Japan imported chroma 10,99.5% 57,000 / ton to Shanghai 190kg/ iron bucketNiuniu: 48-230 yuan/kg Xiao Ai 19-180230 yuan/kgSpot 4-methylbenzaldehyde 4-methylbenzaldehyde 99% cont...

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To methyl benzaldehyde Japan imported chroma 10,99.5% 57,000 / ton to Shanghai 190kg/ iron bucket

Niuniu: 48-230 yuan/kg Xiao Ai 19-180

230 yuan/kg

Spot 4-methylbenzaldehyde 4-methylbenzaldehyde 99% content from you 104-87-0

Spot 4-methylbenzaldehyde raw material manufacturer 104-87-0 organic synthesis intermediate 4-methylbenzaldehyde

Chinese name: p-methyl benzaldehyde

英 文 synonyms: 4-methylbenzaldehyde; Ozagrel intermediate impurity 4; P-methyl benzaldehyde; P-toluene formaldehyde; P-methyl benzaldehyde 50G; P-methyl benzaldehyde; 4-methylbenzaldehyde; P-methyl benzaldehyde; P-toluene aldehyde

English name: P-Tolualdehyde

English synonyms: P-toluicaldehyde; p-Tolualdehyde,98%; 4-Formyltoluene,p-Tolualdehyde; pChemicalbook-Tolualdehyde,97%100GR; p-Tolualdehyde,99+%100GR; 4-METHYLPIPERIDINEFORSYNTHESIS; 4-METHYLBENZALDEHYDEFORSYNTHESIS; p-Tolualdehyde97%

CAS no. : 104-87-0

Molecular formula: C8H8O

Molecular weight: 120.15

EINECS no. : 203-246-9

Storage condition: below +30°C.

Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Purity: 99%

Uses: organic synthesis intermediates, used in the synthesis of spices, triphenylmethane dyes, etc

The raw material of methoxy benzaldehyde 123-11-5 spot COA, the high content quality of methoxy benzaldehyde, the price of methoxy benzaldehyde manufacturer

Paramethoxy benzaldehyde

英 文 synonyms: p-anisaldehyde; Anisaldehyde; P-methoxy benzaldehyde; P-methoxy-benzaldehyde; Anisaldehyde; 4-methoxy benzaldehyde; Paramethoxy benzaldehyde (anisaldehyde); 4 - anisaldehyde

English name :Anisic aldehyde

English Synonyms :4-methoxy-benzaldehyd; Anisal; Benzaldehyde,4-methoxy-; Methyl-p-oxybenzaldehyde; Obepin; p-Formylanisole; p-Methoxybenzafdehyde; P-METHOXYBENZALDEHYDE

The CAS number: 123-11-5

Molecular formula: C8H8O2

Molecular weight: 136.15

Character: colorless to light yellow liquid, hawthorn - like smell.

Melting point: -1 °C

Boiling point: 248 °C(lit.)

Density: 1.121

Vapor density: 4.7 (vs air)

Refractive index: N20 /D 1.573(lit.)

FEMA: 2670

Flash point: 228 °F

Storage condition: Refrigerator

Uses: As an intermediate in perfumery and manufacture of antihistamine JI

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