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How do you use imidacloprid, if you use it this way, the effect will be very vicious oh, and the yie

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Imidacloprid is a highly effective nitrochylmethyl broad-spectrum insecticide, with strong internal absorption, good conductivity, long duration of retention, and effective control of the pest of the suction mouthparts. Imidacloprid is not only used for foliar spraying, but also can be used for soil treatment, root irrigation, seed mixing, etc. It has good control effect on pests.

What are the properties of imidacloprid?

Imidacloprid has a wide spectrum of insecticides, such as aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, planthoppers, mealworms, beetles, insects on the ground, including underground pests, etc., can play a very good control. And strong internal absorption, imidacloprid has strong internal absorption, after use, can be quickly absorbed within a few minutes, is also the fastest internal absorption of insecticide.

And imidacloprid conductivity is good, imidacloprid is absorbed by plants, but also quickly transmitted to various parts, will be hidden in the back of the pest completely killed. Imidacloprid has good stability and is not easily decomposed in soil. It is evenly dispersed around crop roots and can be continuously absorbed by roots.

How do you use imidacloprid?

Imidacloprid has very good properties, so whether it is spray or seed mixing soil treatment and other methods, the effect is very good.

Soil treatment is before sowing or colonization, with 5% imidacloprid imidacloprid particles 2~4 kg a mu, mix fine soil or decomposed organic fertilizer, combined with fertilization evenly spread, ditch application, or hole application, with the soil evenly, imidacloprid in soil water solution slowly released.

So why don't some farmers use it?

Many people have limited knowledge and do not understand the properties of imidacloprid without being told. And imidacloprid no matter granules or suspended seed coat agent, the cost is relatively high, so many people find it difficult to accept. We all talk about combining prevention with prevention, but there are still many people who believe that only when they are sick should they be treated. So it's a waste.

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