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Imidacloprid mastered these new uses, and the results were fantastic

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Imidacloprid is a super efficient insecticide jointly developed by Bayer of Germany and Japanese Special Pesticide Company in 1984. At the end of 1992, jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute was the first to imitate the success in China. Since the preparation products entered the market in 1996, the production and sales of imidacloprid have been rapidly rising, which is the fastest developing nitrochylmethyl insecticide in China in recent ten years. At present, there are 63 registered original drugs, nearly 370 enterprises registered single dose, and nearly 600 enterprises registered compound preparations. Today, xiaobian to introduce you to the use of several imidacloprid, the prevention and control of pest effect is super good.

I. Mechanism of action

Imidacloprid is a nitrochylmethyl insecticide, acting on nicotinic acid acetylcholinesterase receptor. It mainly interferes with the motor nervous system of pests, causing chemical signal transmission failure, blocking the normal conduction of central nervous system and paralyze them to death.

Two, the main characteristics

Imidacloprid insecticidal spectrum, a long period, especially on the organophosphate and carbamate resistance of rice planthopper, mealworms, aphids and other sucking mouthparts pests has excellent control effect, for part of coleoptera, diptera and lepidoptera, such as rice borer, rice gall midge, like a rice production, rice negative mud worms, fruit flies and other insects, citrus leaf moth also showed a higher control effect.

Three, use method

1, seed treatment: because of the excellent root imidacloprid absorption, especially suitable for seed treatment. Available 60% imidacloprid pesticide exposurer seed dressing, according to the drug kinds commonly than 1:20 0 and the prevention and treatment of peanut, wheat, cotton, garlic, potato, corn and other crops, gryllothalpidae), grubs, wireworm, cutworms underground pests, but also prevention and control of aphids, thrips, planthoppers aboveground insects, such as the effective period of up to 80 days or so, the control effect is prominent.

2, soil treatment: because the imidacloprid has sucked in conductivity, can also be used to deal with the soil, soil treatment, used 5% imidacloprid granules in general with 5% imidacloprid granules per acre 2-3 kg, before sowing or planting, employ to ditch or acupuncture point, can effectively control the potato, peanut, sweet potato, wheat and other crops such as grubs and wireworm underground pests.

3, irrigation root treatment: in seedling, can be used 60% imidacloprid suspension seed coat agent 2000 times liquid, watering seedbed, can effectively prevent and control the harm of aphids, thrips, planthoppers and other pests. Can be in seedling colonization, with the medicament root irrigation, each plant 400 ml as colonization water, also can effectively control vegetable aphid, thrips and other pests, the duration of efficacy can be up to 50 days.

4, generally in the transplant of crops, 2-3 grains per hole, placed at the bottom of each hole, conducive to the root absorption position. The control rate of aphids, planthoppers and root-knot nematodes was over 98%, 90% and 63% respectively, and it had good control effect on grubs, mole crickets, ground tigers and other underground pests around crop roots.

5, leaf spray: imidacloprid also has a high touch, stomach toxicity and excellent antifeeding effect, can be used for the prevention and control of aphids, planthoppers, mealworms, leaf hoppers, thrips and other stinging pests. In the early stage of the occurrence of pests, 70% imidacloprid water dispersed granules 10000 times, the control effect is outstanding. Control spiraea aphid, apple aphid, peach aphid, pear psyllid, leaflet moth, whitefly, spot myliae and other pests, can be 10% imidacloprid 4000 ~ 6000 times liquid spray, or 5% imidacloprid emulsion 2000 ~ 3000 times liquid spray. In order to avoid resistance, imidacloprid has a good compound property and can be mixed with a variety of insecticides, which can not only expand the insecticidal spectrum, but also improve the insecticidal effect.

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