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synthetic camphor

The product description:Synthetic camphorChinese name: Synthetic camphorSynthetic camphorCAS no. : 76-22-2Molecular formula: C10H16OMolecular weight: 152.23EINECS no. : 200-945-0Category: Plant extractsSource: plant camphor...

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Synthetic camphor

Chinese name: Synthetic camphor

Synthetic camphor

CAS no. : 76-22-2

Molecular formula: C10H16O

Molecular weight: 152.23

EINECS no. : 200-945-0

Category: Plant extracts

Source: plant camphor branches, trunks, leaves and roots, refined granular crystals

Storage condition: below +30°C.

Physical properties: colorless to white translucent block or powder, camphor wood smell

Chemical properties: slowly evaporate at room temperature. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in oil

Purity: 99%

Packaging information: 1kg/; 5kg/; 10kg/; 25kg/; 180kg/

Storage and transportation characteristics: warehouse ventilation, low temperature and dry; Separate from oxidants and acids

Product use: insect - proof, moth - proof, deodorant, camphor sodium sulfonate is the production of raw materials

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