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Chenodeoxycholic acid

The product description:Goose deoxycholic acid3α,7α -dihydroxy-5 -β -cholanoic acid; Deoxycholic acidEnglish name: Chenodeoxycholic acid3alpha, 7alpha-dihydroxy-5beta-cholanic acid; Chenodiol; CDCA; (3 alpha, beta 5, 7 alpha...

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Goose deoxycholic acid

3α,7α -dihydroxy-5 -β -cholanoic acid; Deoxycholic acid

English name: Chenodeoxycholic acid

3alpha, 7alpha-dihydroxy-5beta-cholanic acid; Chenodiol; CDCA; (3 alpha, beta 5, 7 alpha, xi 8, 9 xi, xi) of 14-3, 7 - dihydroxycholan - 24 - oic acid; (beta) 5-3, 7 - dihydroxycholan - 24 - oic acid [1]

CAS no. : 474-25-9

Molecular formula: C24H40O4

Molecular weight: 392.57

Source: Extraction with calcium chloride salt

Goose deoxycholic acid is a colorless needle crystal, odorless, bitter taste. Almost insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, glacial acetic acid.

Uses: medical, scientific research and export

Indication: used for cholesterol gallstone disease, also has certain effect on bile pigment stone and mixed stone.

Goose deoxycholic acid (CDCA) is the main role is to reduce the saturation of cholesterol in bile, the vast majority of patients after taking CDCA (when CDCA accounts for 70% of bile salt), lipid to restore the micellulose state, cholesterol is in an unsaturated state, so as to dissolve cholesterol in stones, off. High doses of CDCA (10-15 mg/kg daily) inhibited cholesterol synthesis and increased bile secretion in patients with cholelithiasis, but the secretion of bile salts and phospholipids remained unchanged. When the dose is higher, the incidence of diarrhea is higher, and there is certain du to the liver

Category: drugs for hepatobiliary diseases

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