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The product description:L-carnosine 99% N-beta-alanyl l-histidine factory direct sales can provide samplesChinese Name: L-carnosineN-beta-alanyl l-histidine; n-beta-alanyl L-histidine; carnosineEINECS no. : 206-169-9Sub quan...

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L-carnosine 99% N-beta-alanyl l-histidine factory direct sales can provide samples

Chinese Name: L-carnosine

N-beta-alanyl l-histidine; n-beta-alanyl L-histidine; carnosine

EINECS no. : 206-169-9

Sub quantity: 226.2325

Specific rotation: 20.9° (C =1.5, H2O)

Density :1.2673 (rough estimate)

Storage conditions :2-8°C

Acidity coefficient (pKa):2.62(at 25℃)

PSA: 121.10000

Appearance: white powder

Packing specification: 1kg/ bag 25kg/ barrel

Application: scientific research and export

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