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Quaternary chitosan

The product description:Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt food grade 94-95% medical devices 98% above 99%Food grade chitosan quaternary ammonium salt manufacturers direct spot supply quality assuranceChitosan quaternary ammo...

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Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt food grade 94-95% medical devices 98% above 99%

Food grade chitosan quaternary ammonium salt manufacturers direct spot supply quality assurance

Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt

(1,4) -2-acetamide-2-deoxy -β -d-polyglucose; Chitosaccharide molecular weight 20000; Chitosan (water soluble); Chitosan (5-20mpa · Chitosan quaternary ammonium salt; β-1, 4-polyglucosamine; Chitosan, average molecular weight 100,000-300,000; Soluble chitin; Aminosaccharide; Average DP24 of tetracosaccharide in oligomerized shell; 2 - Amino - 2 - deoxy - (1-4) - beta - D - glucopyranan; 2-amino -β-1, 4-glucan; Deacetylchitin (5-20mpa · Deacetylchitosaccharide 600; Poly real - (1, 4 - beta - D - glucopyranosamine); Chitosan (5-20mpa · chitosan molecular weight 200,000; Deacetylated chitin; Carboxylated chitosan; Chitosan hydrochloride; Salt acidified chitosan EP standard; Water-soluble carboxylated chitosan; Average DP60 of oligosaccharide in shell; Polyd-glucosamine; Deacetylated chitosan; The average of 40 sugars in oligomerized shells is DP40; Polyglucosamine; Soluble chitin (5-20mpa · Quaternary ammonium chitosan water-soluble; Chitosaccharide; S, 0.5% in 0.5% acetic acid solution at 20℃); Water-soluble chitosan; Chitosan viscosity 200-400Mpa. s; Chitosan, 100; Amino-oligosaccharide; 2-amino-beta-1, 4-glucan; Chitosan low viscosity & LT; Chitosan hydrochloride standard; Chitosan (acid solution) molecular weight 50000; Flocculant; Shell oligosaccharides; Chitosan high viscosity & GT; Deacetylated chitosan 800; Average DP12 of dodecose in oligo-shell; Oligosaccharide mixture; Chitosan (200-600 mpa · oligosaccharide mean DP6; Chitosan,MV ~ 1000000; Chitosan comes from shrimp shell; Soluble chitin, chitosan, flocculant, chitose glucosamine, chitosan, B - (1-4) - 2 - deoxidation - D - glucan, Β - 1, 4 - poly - glucosamine, 1, 4-2 - amino - DNA - Β - D - glucan, 2 - amino - Β - 1, 4 - glucan, glycosaminoglycans, poly (D - glucosamine; Chitosan, low viscosity :< 200 MPA.S; Poly (D-glucosamine); Chitosan is derived from crab shell. Chitosan,MV ~600,000; Pharmaceutical grade chitosan; Deacetylated chitin (5-20 mpa · aminoglycan; Food-grade chitosan; Deacetylchitin; Chitosan flocculant; 2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride chitosan; Chitosan glucosamine; Chitosan; Oligo-chitosan; Chitosan BR; Chitosan molecular weight 300 thousand food grade; Carboxylated chitosan BR, water soluble; Oligo-chitosan; Chitosan 10; Chitosan; Chitin;

Chitosan: Quaternary Chitosan

Specification content: 99%

Appearance and shape: white or quasi - white amorphous powder solid

Packing specification: 25kg/ barrel

Density: 1.75

Melting point: 88 deg C

Refractive index: 1.7

PH: 6.0 to 8.0

Water insoluble: 1.0%

Dry weight loss: 10.0%

Storage condition: Room Temp

Color: White to off-white

PSA: 95.94000

LOGP: 1.71130

Purpose: used in food and medical equipment

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