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Hubei Changao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company specializing in the research and development, custom synthesis, production and sales of active pharmaceutical materials. The registered address of the company is located in Wuhan East Lake new Technology Development Zone, No. 3 Optics Valley Avenue laser engineering design headquarters phase II R & D building (Wuhan free Trade Zone). The company is currently focusing on international trade, products are stably supplied to South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Africa and other countries and regions.

Business License items:

Pesticide wholesale; Import and export of goods; Technology import and export (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments. Specific business items shall be subject to the approval documents or licenses of relevant departments.) General items: sales of special chemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals); Manufacturing of special chemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals); Manufacturing of basic chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous chemicals and other licensed chemicals); Feed additive sales; Sales of food additives (in addition to the permitted business, can independently operate the project not prohibited or restricted by laws and regulations).

Business Line:

Pharmaceutical raw materials, animal and plant extracts, biological enzymes raw materials, veterinary medicine raw materials, food additives, feed additives, pesticide raw materials and other chemical products.

Main business of the company:

Semi-synthetic paclitaxel, beta nicotinamide single nucleotide NMN, he reached the intermediates (methyl chloride), sildenafil, vardenafil HCL trihydrate, bovine serum albumin BSA, chlorinated hemoglobin, superoxide dismutase SOD, colchicine, west to Nebuchadnezzar hydrogen maleate, two jasmonic acid n-propyl PDJ, ampicillin trihydrate acid, vitamin C (L - bad Blood acid), amoxicillin, metronidazole, etc.

Service advantages:

1. Reliable quality and reasonable price:

1) For export of fine chemical raw materials, we can provide COA certificate and official invoice.

2) We are a laboratory and factory with our own cooperation, able to provide high quality products at factory prices.

3) The purity of the product shall be strictly tested by the quality department of our company before leaving the factory, or a third-party testing institution such as SGS/CTI/ITS can be tested before leaving the factory after your confirmation.

2. Fast and safe delivery:

1) Products can be shipped 1-3 working days after payment. Tracking numbers are available and fixed service staff are available for 7x24 hours to contact.

2) Safe and prudent shipment. Various modes of transportation for your choice, such as domestic: SF express, three links one, Deppon, express company; International: DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx/SF Express.

3) The qualified rate of product inspection is 100%.

We keep stock of popular items in various places for transfer.

Hubei Changao Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.

1) Professional service and rich experience make customers feel relaxed, sufficient inventory and fast delivery to meet their needs.

2) Thanks for market feedback and product feedback. It is our responsibility to meet customer requirements.

3) High quality, low price, fast delivery, first-class service, won the trust and praise of customers.

Service hotline

Service hotline


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