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Albumen Powder

The product description:Serum albumin raw material BSA 9048-46-8 cattle white freeze-dried powder manufacturerChinese name: protein powderChinese alias: Cow blood clean egg baiEnglish name: Albumen PowderCAS: 9048-46-8Appear...

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Serum albumin raw material BSA 9048-46-8 cattle white freeze-dried powder manufacturer

Chinese name: protein powder

Chinese alias: Cow blood clean egg bai

English name: Albumen Powder

CAS: 9048-46-8

Appearance: like white freeze-dried powder, no caking phenomenon.

Total protein content: ≥ 96%

White egg bai purity: ≥ 98%

Water content: ≤ 3%

OD403: ≤0.12 of 1% aqueous solution

PH value of 1% aqueous solution: 6.5 ~ 7.5 (25℃)

Storage and expiration date: refrigerated at 2 ~ 8℃, expiration date 24 months.

Packing specification: 25kg/ barrel

Application: suitable for medical and chemical industry, food industry, condiment and other industries

Features: our company produces beef white freeze-dried powder, high purity, good stability, small difference between batches, instead of imported BSA raw materials.

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