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The product description:High temperature resistant α -amylaseChinese name: Alpha-amylaseEnglish name: Alpha AmylaseAlpha-amylase; alpha-amylase; Glucoglycosylase; High temperature resistant α -amylase; Glucoamylase; Alpha am...

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High temperature resistant α -amylase

Chinese name: Alpha-amylase

English name: Alpha Amylase

Alpha-amylase; alpha-amylase; Glucoglycosylase; High temperature resistant α -amylase; Glucoamylase; Alpha amylase

CAS RN) : 9000-90-2

EINECS no. : 232-565-6

Exterior view: Tan liquid

Solubility: Easily soluble in water

Weight: 1.15-1.25 g/ml

PH range: 5.5-7.0

Uses: widely used in starch, alcohol, beer, MONOsodium glutamate, brewing, textile desizing and other industries

High temperature - resistant α -amylase is a liquid enzyme preparation.

Enzyme activity: 20,000 U/mL (equivalent to TermanYL-120L of Novo, Denmark)

Definition of enzyme activity: mg of soluble starch liquefied in 1ml enzyme solution at 70℃, PH6.0 in 1 minute.

Packing: high temperature resistant α -amylase is packed in non-toxic plastic bucket. 25kg/ drum, 225kg/ drum, 1000kg/ drum,

Transport: this product is organic biochemical material, sunlight, temperature, humidity will cause enzyme inactivation. Therefore, avoid sun exposure and rain during transportation.

Storage: The warehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry.

Product Description: It can hydrolyze starch, glycogen and the α-1.4 glucoside in the degraded products at random, so that the viscosity of gelatinous starch solution decreases rapidly, producing soluble dextrin and oligosaccharide. Excessive hydrolysis can produce a small amount of glucose and maltose.

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